Young Musicians Community - Non-profit organization for the youth of Lapeer County
Third Degree Burns Band Logo
Third Degree Burns Band Logo
The Rock and Roll Project
Get everyone on the dance floor with classic rock music by:
  3rd Degree Burns Band  
A rock & roll project; sponsored by Young Musicians Community, also referred to as, YMC.
This dynamic band is comprised of very talented musicians and vocalists who come from all areas inside and outside of Lapeer County and always surprise the crowds with their versatility and range in the variety of music they bring to their audiences.
Young Musicians Community is an opportunity for the youth to develop their musical talents while gaining on-stage experience and learning the business practices of a successful professional band.  YMC inspires the youth to use their talents while making a positive difference in their schools and communities.
YMC is a local non-profit organization that helps kids learn to perform in a band and develop their artistic skills for FREE.  "We brought together one rocker from the seventies, a group of local high school students, some instruments and equipment and the 3rd Degree Burns Band was born," stated founder, director & manager, Gary Burns.
Community Giving:  Third Degree Burns shares a commitment to the local community performing in as many benefits as possible to raise money for foundations, school functions or specific families in need.  We nurture the idea of "giving back", encouraging the youth members to experience the satisfaction of community service as an ordained goal for the program.  
During the past ten years, our established organization has developed a strong foundation, not only because of volunteer commitment, but also due in a large part to the combined financial generosity of others.  People see what 3rd Degree Burns Band does for the confidence level of these kids, and they just want to be a part of it.
"Experiencing the excitement of performing in a rock band is a gift that we can give to our young, local musicians.  When we show them how to develop their talent, learn new life skills, and give back to the community, we are helping them be established models with satisfying, well-rounded lives,"  said Burns.
Your donations enable our community of kids to keep moving forward in their commitment to music while giving back to the community. 
Concert performances, new equipment, instrument repairs, transportation, advertising supplies-everything we need to keep our kids learning for FREE and performing for fund raisers is made possible by free-will donations.  Please consider to make a contribution today.    
You may donate today without having a PayPal account, all you have to do is click the link below and make your donation with a credit card.  We assure you that PayPal is safe and secure.  It is that easy!  Receipts are given by request only.
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