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YMC is a local non-profit organization that helps kids learn to perform in a band and develop their artistic skills for FREE.  "We brought together one rocker from the seventies, a group of local high school students, some instruments and equipment and the 3rd Degree Burns Band was born."

Founder, Director & Manager, Gary Burns.

Classic Rock & Roll performed by the most talented young musicians in Lapeer County and beyond


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If you are a young musician or singer and are interested in joining us...

Your donations enable our community of kids to keep moving forward in their commitment to music while giving back to the community. 

Concert performances, new equipment, instrument repairs, transportation, advertising supplies...everything we need to keep our kids learning for FREE and performing for fundraisers and other great events is made possible by free-will donations. 

Please consider making a contribution today. 


Voted Best Band 2015


Rock & Roll Project

Today, 3rd Degree Burns is not only about learning to play great rock and roll, it is a model for young adults to learn acceptance and leadership.

Acceptance, through God's gift of music, to break down every social barrier including race, gender, age, handicap, and income.  

Leadership to stand up against those social barriers and to accept each other for the great qualities that each of them possess.   

Learning music...Acceptance...Leadership...Dedication...Hard Work...Paying it Forward.  

3rd Degree Burns puts that all together and then cranks up the amps to put on a Rockin' show.

 Come out and see us!

Thank you for donating!

You may donate today without having a PayPal account, all you have to do is click the DONATE button below and make your donation with a credit card.  We assure you that PayPal is safe and secure.  It is that easy!  

Fans, Sponsors and Volunteers for a GREAT 2015 season.

See you in 2016 !